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Our Edge

Modular transforms the complexity of Asian markets into stable and repeatable returns.

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Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Modular transforms the complexity of Asian markets into stable and repeatable returns. This transformation is made possible by our distinctive investment discipline and specialisation in the region’s complex local markets. 

Through decades of trading experience, we have proven a set of investment tools that allow us to benefit from that complexity and shift the balance of risk and return in our clients’ favour. We are constantly evolving these tools as we identify changes and opportunities in these dynamic markets.


Our portfolio managers have an average of 15 years’ specialist experience in the markets in which they invest. By allocating capital to highly focused individual portfolio manager mandates we are able to generate multiple uncorrelated alpha streams.

Research and Analysis

Because of our rare ability to process and capitalise on complexity, Modular is able to differentiate between short-term market movements that are driven by shifts in liquidity specific to each market and longer-term, more fundamental moves.

Risk Management

We structure our investments and strategies to deliver convex return profiles and manage downside risk strictly using a highly sophisticated risk management framework.


Discipline in our investment process is critically important to Modular. We only invest in markets and asset classes where we have deep specialisation. This discipline enables us to be nimble in capturing opportunity and in managing risk. It is a cornerstone of our culture and a key driver of our investment performance.

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