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Absolute returns

In Asia

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Our Mission ━

Modular’s mission is to help our investors achieve their purpose by meeting their investment needs.


About Modular

Modular is a dedicated Asian macro hedge fund manager based in Singapore. The firm exists to meet investors’ needs for stable, uncorrelated and absolute returns through different market cycles – and to offer hedge fund investors greater exposure to Asia.

Who We Are

Foundation Story

Modular Asset Management was spun out of Millennium Management in January 2020 by Jimmy Lim and Matthew Cannon. Their vision for the firm was to generate returns that made a difference for Modular’s investors, helping them to deliver on their mandates and fulfil their purposes.


Our Edge ━

Modular transforms the complexity of Asian markets into stable and repeatable returns.

Modular transforms the complexity of Asian markets into stable and repeatable returns. This transformation is made possible by our distinctive investment discipline and specialisation in the region’s complex local markets. 


Our Values ━

Modular is committed to integrating environment, social and governance factors into our investments and operations.

Our values and those of our investors drive us to adopt an ESG approach that is in line with our own priorities, while working with our industry to build consensus around what we define as ESG best practice for macro hedge funds.

Investor Portal

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Blockchain Strategy ━

Sustainability and cryptocurrencies are two dominant investment themes of our times and we believe they should be compatible.

We are testing a sustainable blockchain investment strategy using our partner's personal capital. We hope to make this strategy available to outside investors in future, giving access to an institutional-grade cryptocurrency product that also meets sustainability objectives. This strategy is entirely separate from our flagship Modular Asian Macro fund.

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